Choose your own adventure

Turning your startup into a successful brand can be a long and arduous journey. Save time and brain power by using an experienced guide. Below you can find the standard trail markers we commonly visit with our happy campers.

How far do you want to go on this trail? Just a quick stroll or the whole expedition? It’s up to you, choose the most fitting option!

Pitch deck consultation

Prepare for your pitch competition or investor pitch by choosing this consultation. You’ll se things in a different light.

  • pitch practice
  • pitch deck design feedback
  • pitch deck content feedback
  • clarification
  • story guidelines

Pitch deck strategy

Bonfires are made to connect, talk, and tell stories. So are our workshops that prepare you and your deck to meet an investor.

  • investor pitchdeck design
  • content framework
  • unique storytelling
  • positioning
  • strategy workshop

Brand + launch strategy

Don’t get lost in the wild.
Use a map and trusted guide to get to your branding motherland.

  • complete brand and launch strategy
  • multiple problem oriented workshops
  • mission, vision, voice
  • visual components
  • product market fit strategy
  • go to market strategy

If you have any questions, just send us a note by clicking here.